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Invested in Growth for the Long Term

Our growth equity solutions help institutions achieve long-term return targets across a broad range of actively managed strategies.
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Floor & Decor Holdings, Inc.

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Our strategies aim to identify and invest for the long term in companies with significant growth opportunities, durable competitive advantages, and exceptionally talented executives.

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We identify and perform deep research on investment opportunities aimed at delivering durable, long-term returns that exceed our clients' expectations.

Endowments & Foundations

We help endowments and foundations to achieve their goals by understanding their unique challenges, and are well equipped to design durable, mission-aligned investment solutions.


Leveraging decades of asset management experience, we offer a broad range of investment strategies to help private and public pension plan fiduciaries outperform their benchmarks, manage risk, and address the unique needs of their plan beneficiaries.


We believe our fundamental, long-term strategies empower plan sponsors to offer a wider range of high-quality investment options, helping participants achieve their personal financial goals.

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Our Investment Approach

At Baron Capital, our entire organization is united in a single investment style and objective. We are long-term investors in secular growth businesses with durable competitive advantages that are run by great management teams.

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Idea Generation

Baron Capital portfolio managers and research analysts are our single most important source of idea generation. With our roots in research, we have developed deep industry expertise and are knowledgeable about the companies in the industries we cover. 

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The goal of our research process is to identify and monitor investments that we believe will deliver above-average, long-term, and risk-adjusted results.

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Portfolio Construction

Every Baron Capital portfolio is built from the bottom up, stock by stock, based on our conviction about the future growth prospects of each business.

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Risk Management

We have a deeply embedded risk management culture. We view risk as the probability of an adverse outcome leading to permanent loss of capital. 

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Investment Insights

Investment Insights

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The Role of ESG

ESG Integration Into Our Research Process¹

The assessment of ESG principles is a natural part of the Baron Capital research process and investment approach. We have long sought to find growth companies with sustainable competitive advantages, and we recognize the importance ESG factors and risks play in the long-term success that we seek.

We believe that well managed companies are run by great people who seek to minimize risks and maximize their ability to capitalize on growth opportunities, while being good stewards of capital, good corporate citizens, and benefiting all stakeholders.
James Stone
James Stone
VP, Director of ESG Research
VP, Director of ESG Research
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